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->Would you like to have a Successful career in the Apparel and Lifestyle Industry?
->And Do u know how many of Fashion aspirants are successful , the numbers are quite depressing
->Out of hundreds of fashion schools in the country thousands of students graduate every year and a very small % of them do well or can even survive , Want to know Y
->is because , they dont have a roadmap of what to do , How to start and and often get stuck in their careers
->So, if you have a desire to succeed you want to be in the Top 20% of successful designers and want to know how do successful brands operate,
->what it takes to be in to TOP 20% successful business in the apparel and lifestyle businesses attend my free webinar
->This will be useful if You are a Designer / Label Owner / Boutique owner / Free Lancer or want to start your own garment business.

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About Host

-> Vishal Trivedi is the Founder and CEO of Horizon Unlimited, a company specializing in Consulting , Coaching and Training of Organizations and individuals.

-> He is a Garment Business Professional and brings transformation through his experience and expertise in the Garment Field.

-> He conducts Coaching and Consulting Programs for Garment Business Owners.

-> He is also an Author of the Book , Carve Your Success. This is the first book written for the Apparel Business Owners.

-> Under his program Share the Knowledge Spread the Light he looks to educate people in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

-> His programs can benefit Manufacturers, Distributors, Agents, Fashion Designers and are conducted both Online and Offline.

-> Vishal`s Goal is to educate 5000 Garment Business Professionals in the next 3 years.

Vishal Trivedi

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