Sales Stardom

Sales Stardom 

Level 1 


·        Basic introduction to selling will be given.

·        how to approach a customer 

·        how to improve sales

·        how to get more sales and increase sales will be taught

·        Some very basic fundamentals but very important tools will be taught.

·        Identifying your target market and your target customer and

·        how to sell more to them


Level 2

·        Skill and knowledge for being an expert in sales

·        Personal development skills required for being a Top Class Sales Professional

·        How to use the 80:20 rule in sales

·        Having sales goals

·        Having a sales funnel

·        Customers journey from Prospects to Client

·        Answering Objections Closing sales



Sales Pro

·        Income Goals

·        Sales Improvement Pointers

·        Sales Analysis

·        Your USP

·        Selling Steps

·        Closing Expertise

·        Answering Objections Professionally

·        Stories

·        Time Management for sales pro



Who can attend


Garment Business Owners / Manufacturers / Distributors / Agents /Sales Professionals /  Boutique Owners / Free lancers / Label Owners 

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