Inner Circle Program

Inner Circle Program

What will you learn


The inner Circle program is a must Attend course for every Garment Business Owner. Basic Fundamental of business are taught with special emphasis on sales. A lot of our mentees have actually doubled their sales in a year.

As an entrepreneur it has to be your goal to be the number one sales person in your organization. You will be taught how to be an expert in sales along with your personal development and business development.

Some very powerful tools for operations and backend working will help you organize your business and your business will completely be on autopilot mode.

A lot of emphasis is given on some very powerful concepts on personal development front. We strongly believe Personal development is Business development. Once you understand these concepts you are unstoppable.

Offline this course is hosted at our workshop in Mumbai . It is a once a week lecture course and total duration of 6 months. This course is also available online. Online new lectures will be shared every week. 

Who can attend

Garment Business Owners / Manufacturers / Distributors / Agents / Boutique Owners / Free lancers / Label Owners

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