Hii… This is Vishal Trivedi

Vishal Trivedi is the Founder and CEO of Horizon Unlimited , a company specializing in Consulting , Coaching and Training of Organizations and individuals. He is a Garment Business Professional and brings transformation through his experience and expertise in the Garment Field. He conducts Coaching and Consulting Programs for Garment Business Owners.


He is also an Author of the Book , Carve Your Success. This is the first book written for the Apparel Business Owners. Under his program Share the Knowledge Spread the Light he looks to educate people in the fashion and lifestyle industry. His programs can benefit Manufacturers, Distributors, Agents, Fashion Designers and are conducted both Online and Offline.


He Conducts his Inner Circle program at his workshop in Mumbai and it provides excellent education in their field for his Mentees. More than 250 Apparel Business Owners have benefited from the Program.


Sales Training Programs are immensely popular in the industry and has helped many organizations do exceedingly well in the area of sales.More than 1500 people have been trained and his goal is to educate 5000 Sales professionals. Apparel Manufacturers , Agents , Distributors have benefited immensely from the program.




His Carve Your Success , a One day seminar has helped organizations upgrade their Knowledge and skill and take their business to new heights. It is one of the most popular programme that he conducts.

His Career Accelerator program for Fashion Designers, Fashion  Stylist,Merchandisers and Boutique Owners has helped many of them transform their business and achieve growth in their careers.

Vishal also has a program for Retailers called Retail Superstar where he looks to help and educate Retailers in the Apparel industry . His goal is to help 10000 retailers across the country.

Vishal`s Goal is to educate 5000 Garment Business Professionals in the next 3 years.

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