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About the Book

The Book Highlights major challenges faced by Garment Business Owners and provides solutions and emphasizes on Upgrading their Knowledge and Skill to take their Business to the Next level. It provides a Complete Transformation System from where they are currently to where they want to reach in their Business. It provides Business Owners a system that will help

Develop a clear vision for your business
Set and achieve Goals in every area of your Business
Become a Great Leader and learn Skills that are most valuable for your Business
Identify the areas of growth ,Trends of future and determine skills and knowledge that you will require for your Business
Learn how to Beat Competition and attract more Customers
Use principles of Marketing and how to promote your Business
Make a great product and increase your Profitability
Learn Cash flow management
Make your Dream Team
Sell more and achieve business success

About the Author

Vishal Trivedi is the Founder and CEO of Horizon Unlimited , a company specializing in Consulting , Coaching and Training of Organizations and individuals. He is a Garment Business Professional and brings transformation through his experience and expertise in the Garment Field. He conducts Coaching and Consulting Programs for Garment Business Owners.
His Inner Circle program provides excellent education in their field for his Mentees
His Carve Your Success , a One day seminar has helped organisations upgrade their Knowledge and skill and take their business to new heights.
His Sales Training Programs are immensely popular in the industry and has helped many organizations do exceedingly well in the area of sales.
His Career Accelerator program for Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylist,Merchandisers and Boutique Owners has helped many of them transform their business and achieve growth in their careers.
Vishal`s Goal is to educate 5000 Garment Business Professionals in the next 3 years.

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